C:ORE Concept Development

c:ore Concept Development

Final Major Project (A*)

This project deeply examines the global marketplace within Fashion and Business to develop an original feasible concept to fill a gap in the market. A multi-channel concept store that bridges the gap between emerging talent and their customers, offering an immersive experience, transparency and an in-store workspace for the designers we represent.
My proposal is made up of 5 main packs: »

•Store Design
•Integrated Market Strategy
•Illustrated Market Report
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C:ORE Store Sketchup Design

Sketchup Design

A visualisation of my London-based concept store that was designed as part of my final major project. Created on Google Sketchup, this concept store features a multi-functional retail space with moving interior walls that can be utilised for events. As well as a lower-ground workspace for emerging designers to develop collections, ranges and one-off pieces.

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Core store entrance

store window display

instore layout when closed

instore layout when open

clothing fixtures
instore artwork
changing rooms and seating

hidden toilet behind moving wall

Point of sale with embossed logo detailing on the wall

close up on point of sale with marble texture

lower ground floor seating area with shoe display

seating areas and tables

fashion workspace for housed designers within the store

room with 3d printer and other expensive equipment

Trend Forecasting Book - Mireyes AW17/18

Trend Forecasting Book

An original take on traditional Trend Forecasting publications. This project was created through thoroughly researching past, present and future global events in areas such as political, economical and technological that could impact shoppers and inform their consumer habits.